History of Establishment


On February 27, 2014, by the Decree No 8/19 of the Presidium of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, according to the reforms carried out at the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, it was decided to establish the Institute of the History of Science within the Division of the Social Sciences in order to further development of the science in Azerbaijan along with enhancing its integration into the World Science and strengthening of the interdisciplinary studies.

In accordance with the Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan No. 363 dated November 17, 2015 “On approval of the structure and number of employees of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences”, the Institute of the History of Science has been established within the structure of ANAS, and the structure of the Institute of the History of Science of ANAS was approved by the Decree No. 8/3 dated 25 May 2016.


Basic activity directions


  • History of Natural and Exact Sciences
  • History of ANAS and scientific institutions within its structure
  • The Evolution of Science and strenthening of its role in the life of society
  • Science of Science
  • Historiography and Source Studies of Science and Technology
  • The Problems of Methodology and the Development of the new Study Methods in Science and Technology
  • Popularization of Science


Main scientific achievements


During the short period of the existence of the Institute of the History of Science, a large amount of work and achievements confirm the real scientific potential of this Institute. Thus, the Institute held the International conference, two Republican conferences and two International seminars, Republican seminar. At the same time, employees of the Institute, in turn, participated in more than 30 international and local conferences. 25 books related to the different issues of the history of science and 5 books within the framework of the project of the president of ANAS, academician A. Alizade “Preparing Essays on the History of Natural Sciences” devoted to genesis and modern state of such scientific disciplines as geography, physics, biology, astronomy and chemistry in Azerbaijan were published. The articles in the journals approved by HAC and in the publications included into the SciVerse Scopus and Thomson Reuters bibliographic and abstract databases, as well as the collection of theses and scientific articles of I International Scientific Conference “History of Science and science of science: interdisciplinary studies” were published.


The International Scientific-Theoretical Journal “History of Science and Science of Science”

ANAS Institute of the History of Science publishes the international scientific-theoretical journal “History of Science and Science of Science” with original scientific articles, methodical and methodological materials, reviews in the field of science studies and history of science, covering a wide range of topics.

The main directions of the journal are the history of scientific research methods, the work of prominent scientists and scientific schools, the history of different discoveries, the evolution of the forms of organization of scientific activities, materials collected from manuscript funds, museums and archives, popularization of sciences. The journal also covers the papers devoted to the common problems of science of science, its development and historical aspects, scientometrics, estimating of the effectiveness of scientific research, the quality of research projects.